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To Work Out or Not to Work Out?

In Exercise on July 14, 2009 at 10:32 am


Last night I made my 4th trip to the YMCA. I bought a summer membership about a month ago, and am happy to report that my ‘per workout’ cost is now under $50. It’s sad, but what is a busy guy to do? A local Minneapolis guy I met a few months ago, Sheff Otis, has a unique answer. When this dad of 7 wasn’t able to make it to the gym anymore, he created the “Dadiator Workout“. It seems like he’s formalized the workout more since the last time I visited his site, and think it’s awesome to mix time with the kids with working out. Best of both worlds!

After watching his Dadiator 300 workout video, I’m thinking that this guys is an animal and that I should really should have signed up for a Dadiator workshop instead of ordering P90X (which is still sitting in the box it was shipped in).

  1. Chad! Of course. Of course you have a wonderful blog! I look forward to reading it regularly–I’ve added you to my “blogs I follow”. Cooking skiver must count as some sort of exercise, no…? : )
    Hope to see you at the market in about 3 weeks or so!
    Fresca (Francesca)

  2. Thanks for the props, Chad. I’m training for a triathlon this fall with a squadron of mini-sidekicks burning my heels. The workshops have fallen by the wayside but I’m thinking of organizing more informal park meetups at points across town if I can rally enough dad interest. I’ll keep you posted. Best, Dadiator.

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