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Sphere of Skiver Spotlight – Part 1

In Sphere of Skiver Spotlight on July 20, 2009 at 11:57 pm

Personalized Gifts & T-shirts

The first installment of a series of posts highlighting the amazing & talented people I’ve met while establishing Aunt Else’s Aebleskiver business. The Sphere of Skiver Spotlight is my little way to help the people who’ve helped us so much!

2009-4OJ 080

Tessie, owner of Personalized Gifts & T-Shirts in New Brighton, MN, has embroidered Aunt Else’s logo on chef jackets, aprons, canvas bags, and even the little flags we hang on our tent at the Mill City Farmer’s Market.

My wife introduced me to Tessie last fall when we were getting ready for our debut at the Mill City Farmer’s Market.  My business partners & I wanted something to wear that would make us look professional (and hopefully convince people we knew what we were doing). I called Tessie up, and a couple days later she had our logo digitized & embroidered on a bright red chef jacket.

I was even more impressed with that fast turn-around time after I learned that Tessie has 4 kids at home; ages 7, 4, 3 and 6 months. She balances being a busy stay-at-home mom and running embroidery jobs during the day, and screen prints a night or two a week.  She’s doing something right, her business will be 3 years old this fall.

If you ever need embroidery or screen printing done, Tessie has all her stocked products listed on her website, She said her most popular items are personalized t-shirts for bachelor & bachelorette parties, but can accommodate most requests.

Tessie's ebroidery machine at work on a beach towel.

Tessie's ebroidery machine at work on a beach towel.


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