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Mill City Farmer’s Market Visit

In Kids, skivers on July 25, 2009 at 5:08 pm

2009-July-25 026

I wasn’t scheduled to work this weekend at our booth at the Mill City Farmer’s Market, so naturally, we decided to take the entire family down to the Market to enjoy the craic. We missed the goats and rooster, but the kids still loved the Market and danced to the live music (they say that they were shaking their booty’s). It’s getting harder to get pictures of them. They knew I was trying to get a picture of them eating an æbleskiver (above), so Big Brother shoved the whole thing is in his mouth! I don’t know where he gets the stubborn attitude??? (You can see Terri & Brent working away in the Aunt Else’s Æbleskiver booth)

2009-July-25 028

Gardens of Eagan was selling slices of watermelon for a buck. You could choose red or gold watermelon. It was delicious!

2009-July-25 019

This picture wasn’t taken at the Market, but the baby started smiling this week so I wanted to share. Even through our bloodshot eyes we think she’s pretty cute!


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