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Backyard CSA

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2009-July-26 020

We were at a neighborhood party hosted by our friends Will & Nancy a couple weeks ago. I learned 2 things that evening: 1) Will makes the best drinks on the block, I swear he could win a blue ribbon at the State Fair for his Tequilla Mockingbird; and 2) Nancy has a killer garden, by far the best on the block and maybe in all of Hennepin County.

As Nancy led a couple of us gawking neighbors around rows of luscious arugula and snap peas, she taught me a term I’d never heard before; Backyard CSA. I knew what a CSA was, but was confused about the backyard bit. Instead of the regular CSA farmer leaving you a box of fresh, local produce at a convenient drop-off location each week, the Backyard CSA farmer comes to your house and helps you grow your own produce.

Cool, right?

Nancy’s farmer, Jen Adams, helped her convert two large patches of her lawn into rich, fertilized garden beds; completely encircled with a woodchip walking path and a rabbit repeling fence. They seeded the gardens together and the Jen returns weekly to continue educating her about maintaining healthy plants and keeping the weeds out. They have already re-seeded parts of the garden to replace the quick growing greens &  squash.

2009-July-26 019

I think this is a great idea, and was amazed at the huge amount of food that could be raised in a relatively small space. It’s not hard to see what a huge impact it would make if everyone, or even every other house in America had a small backyard garden. I can’t wait to get my own growing next summer. If you’re interested, you can get more information by emailing Jen at

If you’d like the garden & fresh vegetables without the work, you can contact Backyard Harvest and one of their talented farmers (you may recognize Seth & Stephan from the Mill City Farmer’s Market) will come tend your garden while you enjoy a Tequilla Mockingbird!

Good growing!

  1. Funny, I posted something similar just yesterday! An old friend was interviewed recently on Marketplace Money as she started a Backyard CSA business in Portland, OR and I’ve just started hearing about similar ventures in the Twin Cities.

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