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A Trio of Shout Outs

In Sphere of Skiver Spotlight on January 5, 2010 at 1:02 am

A few months ago, I started a little networking group for small local businesses like mine. We called ourselves the Prez Club. Like my friend Katie said, it’s lonely at the top! For most of us there isn’t too terribly far to fall, but 3 of the businesses in the group have recently gotten some major press and I’m really excited to share their well-deserved success!

Lucille's Kitchen Garden's Raspberry-Pepper Jam - YUM!!!

Lucille’s Kitchen Garden

Anyone who’s eaten Aunt Else’s Æbleskiver at the Mill City Farmer’s Market has had the chance to eat them with the amazing pepper jam from Lucille’s Kitchen Garden. Zoie & Amy Glass have become trusted partners to us and I was elated to open the Taste section of the Strib the week before Christmas to read that Rick Nelson loves them as much as I do! Check out Rick’s ringing endorsement of all things local and delicious. Way to go ladies!

I was also really pleased to see that Rick highlighted Lucille’s jams can be purchased at Local D’Lish (Ann is also a Prez Club member!) and the Golden Fig in St. Paul. Rick does a great job supporting local food, he’s awesome!

Byrd and Belle's Laptop Case

Byrd and Belle

My co-worker David had some exiting news to share with me about his wife, Angie Davis, a couple weeks back. Angie makes handmade cases for laptops, mobile phones and iPods, and does it so well that she and her Etsy store, Byrd and Belle, were featured in a recent New York Times article. Angie has a really inspiring story about starting a company after being laid off late last year. She is a fantastic addition to the Prez Club, and I’m hoping to reveal a Byrd and Belle designed æbleskiver pan storage case in the coming months. Congrats Angie!

Bramblewood Cottage

Our most experienced Prez Club member, Amy Goetz, (whose booth is 2 doors down from us at the Mill City Farmers Market) is having quite a start to 2010.  Amy’s Bramblewood Cottage shortbread was featured on’s “Foodstuff for the Foodie in Your Life”. I can honestly say that Amy is one of the nicest, most generous people I’ve met, and nobody deserves good things to happen to them more than her! Congratulations Amy!

  1. You are the best, Chad! And I still want to check out the aebleskiver.
    Are you at Mill City in the winter?

    • Ha! Thanks Fresca! We are doing the Winter Market at Mill City. It runs once a month at Local D’Lish. The next one is Jan 16th! Would love to see you there!

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